National ID

Changes in global security threats led to a growing demand for highly secure National ID cards. Onyx Cards Solutions offers a product portfolio which matches all your needs for various identity scenarios. Whether you are looking for ‘off the shelf’ software or an integrated solution.

At Onyx Cards Solutions, we have products that can be purchased off the shelf or completely customized to meet even the most complicated cards issuing needs.


Driver License

Nowadays driver’s licenses act as proof of identity and citizenship. To produce this kind of secure and trusted ID card, Onyx Cards Solutions offers a wide range of card issuing software solutions.

From simple stand lone issuance solutions up to powerful centralized production and secure direct card printing to re-transfer printing up to personalization solutions that can be integrated with your existing systems, any application demand can be served.


Vehicle Registration Cards

A vehicle registration card act as the Identity Card for the car. Because of that, security is an important factor when it comes to issuing this type of identities to cut theft and trafficking.

Issuing VRC for cars is a growing trend in the vehicle industry: Roads and Transport authorities all over the world can trust to find a reliable card issuing solution from Onyx Cards Solutions to close loopholes and increase revenue.


Voters Registration Cards

Onyx Cards Solutions product portfolio is ready to fulfill your demand to produce secure Voters Registration Cards. In combination with a wide variety of security features, the Onyx Cards Solutions production equipment is able to produce your cards to ensure the genuine identity of the voter.