Onyx Cards Suite Software


Onyx Cards Suite® is the industry leading photo ID badge software solution for the management and production of secure photo ID cards. It enables users to design, print, and encode high security, professional ID badges.

Onyx Cards Suite’s extensive set of features makes it a powerful, scalable and efficient yet easy-to-use solution with a variety of uses and nearly limitless capabilities. With minimal training, users can quickly create professional and high-quality photo ID badges.

Designed by Onyx cards Solutions with today’s modern users in mind, Onyx cards Suite is more than just photo ID software. The software comes with standard ID cards layout templates or users may custom create an unlimited number of full-color, single or dual-sided ID badges. All this in a user-friendly manner.

Onyx Cards Suite also comes with a powerful card designer featuring a variety of design tools that enable users to:

Add text, logos, shapes and photos
Add 1D and 2D bar codes and magnetic strips encoding
Import and edit graphics for backgrounds
Add and print MRZ codes on cards, and more.

Onyx Cards Suite is built on the Microsoft .NET technology platform for greater stability and interoperability. Onyx Cards Suite’s ability to efficiently manage large amounts of data, photos, and ID card designs makes it suitable for medium and large organizations.

Regardless of your organization’s specific requirements, there is always an Onyx Cards product that is right for you.


Onyx Cards Suite enables you to design, print and encode high security, professional ID cards.
It features user-friendly interface designed in different languages including Arabic, German & French.

Onyx Cards Suite® Lite
Onyx Cards Suite Lite is the perfect entry-level card personalization software. It is the ideal choice for organizations looking for an affordable, easy-to-use and easy to learn stand alone photo ID card software with advanced card design capabilities. The software comes with useful features to improve the issuance and management of basic photo IDs. Featuring a familiar and friendly user Standard Interface, you can create great looking, full-color IDs in a matter of minutes. Users can also select from a variety of pre-configured sample designs to create full-color, single or dual-sided photo ID cards.
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Onyx Cards Suite® Standard
Onyx Cards Suite Standard is Onyx Cards Solutions’ mid-level photo ID issuing software. It enables multiple workstations to share a common database over a network. It is designed to accommodate dual-sided, multiple card printing, and encoding of barcode/magnetic stripes. With Onyx Cards Suite Standard you have everything you need to design, print and manage hundreds of ID badges. You can easily add records, capture or load photos, or add a signature with a couple of mouse clicks..
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Onyx Cards Suite® Pro
Onyx Cards Suite Pro is Onyx Cards Solutions’ most advanced edition of the software suitable for large organizations with multi-user network installations that need to cost-effectively issue, manage and control thousands of high-quality and secure ID cards. It is powerful enough to handle any database size or complexity yet easy enough for anyone in your organisation to use. Onyx Cards Suite® Pro has additional features like compound data fields, batch operations, conditional printing rules, and layout password protection.

Onyx Cards Suite Pro enables users to:

  • Issue multiple cards per person without the need for redundant data entry.
  • Run a variety of batch operations like re-printing, updating or adding groups of badges at once.
  • Encode magnetic stripes, barcodes, and smart chips.
  • Print Machine Readable Zone Codes (MRZ).

Onyx Cards Suite Pro is ideal for large or multi-facility corporations, government organizations, transportation companies, public utilities, and universities.
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Features List

Paper & Plastic ID Badge Creation  ●  ●
Label Creation  ●  ●  ●
Alignment & Formatting Tools  ●  ●  ●
Import Images  ●  ●  ●
Ghosting / Opacity Effects  ●  ●  ●
1D Barcodes  ●  ●  ●
2D Barcodes  ●  ●
Pre-defined Templates  ●  ●  ●
Border Text Printing  ●
Dual-sided Printing   ●   ●   ●
Inkjet, Laser, Thermal & Plastic Card Printer Support   ●   ●   ●
Variant Printing   ●
Conditional Elements Printing   ●   ●
Magnetic Stripe Encoding   ●   ●   ●
MIFARE Classic 1k and 4k   ●
HID Proximity   ●
Machine Readable Zone Printing   ●   ●
Support File/AVI/TWAIN sources   ●   ●   ●
Supports most industry standard image file formats   ●   ●   ●
Images saved to database or file   ●   ●   ●
Color correction or cropping   ●   ●   ●
Sample photographs   ●   ●   ●
File Password Protection   ●