OnyxPAC Printer

OnyxPAC Printer v2.5 is a special virtual printer that allows programmers to design, print and encode high security, professional ID cards directly from within their applications.

The cards layout should be designed by the Onyx Designer program (by Onyx Cards Solutions, Canada).

Onyx Cards Solutions designed the OnyxPAC Printer v2.5 to meet the stringent requirements of every organization and firm. With few lines of code your application will be ready to print cards. The OnyxPAC Printer 2.5 is compatible with all ID Cards printers available in the market*.  It features user-friendly interfaces designed in different languages including Arabic.

Whether your application is a web application or desktop application, you will be able to add ID cards printing capability to your application in minutes without being worried about the encoding, double side printing or photos & signature scanning.

      You Just need to print some specially formatted text on the OnyxPAC Printer.

The software comes in three different editions which offer a powerful range of features for different applications: employee and visitor cards, access control, membership and loyalty cards, driving licenses, photo IDs, and any other use that requires identification.

With OnyxPAC Printer security features you can encode data to barcodes and magnetic stripes. It also support the UV printing security feature on selected models.

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OnyxPAC Printer® Lite
OnyxPAC Printer Lite is the entry-level photo ID badge tool. It is an ideal solution to integrate card issuing with applications for K-12 schools, health clubs, apartment complexes, civic organizations, corporations, and virtually any small to medium-sized organization needing to create and print ID badges. OnyxPAC Printer Lite offers users the ability to use the minimum features set to create full-color, dual-sided photo ID badges.
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OnyxPAC Printer® Standard
OnyxPAC Printer Standard is the mid-level edition built to meet the requirements of medium-sized organizations, such as hospitals, schools, or corporations. It is designed to accommodate dual-sided, multiple card printing, and encoding barcode/magnetic stripes inline with the printing process.
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OnyxPAC Printer® Pro
OnyxPAC Printer Pro is the top edition and is ideal for large organizations , government organizations, transportation companies, public utilities, aviation agencies and universities.
It is designed to accommodate dual-sided, MRZ code printing, and encoding barcode/magnetic stripes inline with the printing process.
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OnyxPAC Printer Features

Paper & Plastic ID Badge Creation  ●  ●
Label Creation  ●  ●  ●
Alignment & Formatting Tools  ●  ●  ●
Import Images  ●  ●  ●
Ghosting / Opacity Effects  ●  ●  ●
1D Barcodes  ●  ●  ●
2D Barcodes  ●  ●
Pre-defined Templates  ●  ●  ●
Image Background Removal
Dual-sided Printing   ●   ●   ●
Inkjet, Laser, Thermal & Plastic Card Printer Support   ●   ●   ●
Variant Printing   ●
Conditional Elements Printing   ●   ●
Magnetic Stripe Encoding   ●   ●   ●
MIFARE Classic 1k and 4k   ●
HID Proximity   ●
Machine Readable Zone Printing   ●   ●
VB.Net, C++, C#, VB6, PHP   ●   ●   ●
Any Programming Language that can print plain text.   ●   ●   ●
File Password Protection   ●